About Outlaws Publishing

Outlaws Publishing is a publisher of Western Fiction. Our aim is to bring the publishing experience to all authors for no up-front fee. We want to be the authors friend and not their biggest drain. We promise to help the author and share the love.

I remember when I published my first book through Createspace, I received a phone call from a large subsidiary of an even larger Publishing company. I was thrilled to be talking with a publishing company that wanted to publish my book for $999.99. That’s when I changed my tune. They weren’t going to do anything that I hadn’t already done. There are many Publishers out there that want to publish your work for a price. Please if you consider doing this, read the fine print. I could show you all kinds of charts from large Publishers that want to publish your work, but the fine print wants you to do all the work. These kind of attitudes from the large Publishers are the reason for the birth of Outlaw’s Publishing.

I was asked: What does Outlaws Publishing have to offer an author that other

Publishers don’t. The first thing that came to mind was one word.


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