Why Western Authors Are Getting A Bad Deal

sad cowboy

Even though Westerns are still very strong sellers around the world, many Western writers are finding themselves rejected by publishers. This seems be more about the politics of the book industry than any actual sales rates.

For example, even the simplest self-published Western sells stronger on Amazon than many other, supposedly more popular, book genres. Sales of self-published Western authors such as John Legg, C.M. Curtis, William Coury and Chet Cunningham are more than likely higher than many of the erotica authors we see plastered across social media. To get into the top 10,000 on Amazon, you need around 24 sales or Kindle Unlimited downloads per day. To get into the top 5,000, you are talking about sales in excess of 40 copies a day. This is attainable for the Western, and it can be done at a $2.99 price.

So why are publishers still ignoring this veritable sales gold mine? It may be more to do with the idealism within the book business that says Westerns are passé. It may also come down to the average publisher not knowing how popular the Western is or how to market them. It may also be that Hollywood is not showing as much interest in Westerns these days.

One thing is for sure—Westerns are still selling and selling well. New Western authors can gain sales quite easily, and expert Western marketers can bring in some great results. If you ever had the inkling to write a Western, then you should act on that urge now. Feel free to drop me an email and let me know how your western is doing. You can reach me via the contact page on this blog.