Ready To Promote Your Book? Here’s My Advice…

keep calm

You’ve written your western and it’s selling moderately at around five copies a day. You are content, but you wish you could be a bigger writer. You like writing westerns and want to give up that job you hate. Your sales start to slip and suddenly you are worrying about your book. 

Have you considered promoting your book? I wanted to help all the writers out there unsure of where to start when it comes to promoting your books.

My top strategies for promoting my books are:

1. Write blog articles and promote them via social media.

2. Use Facebook ads to promote your books to relevant people.

3. Start a Facebook Page to collect your fans in one place.

4. Be polite and pro-active. Do not spam.

5. Review others books and ask if they will review yours.

If you are lost and would like to talk to someone about your books feel free to email me at