The Publishing Ordeal Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Publishers

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When I started writing books I always wondered why publishers kept turning me down. I tried and I tried and I figured in the end that I might just be a rubbish writer. When I self-published I started to realize that people bought my books and enjoyed them. I had few returns and many positive reviews. Why would a publisher turn that down?

Quite simply because I wrote westerns and they didn’t want westerns. They wanted Erotica, Romance, Science-Fiction and all other types of books. “The Western is dead.” That’s what they told me. “The Western will never live again,” they said. “John Wayne died and with him went the Western.”

I was upset about this response for awhile. It seriously hurt me to think that the genre of books I enjoy most was dead. I thought about all those little novels I would read as a child and I felt bad that my grandchildren would not be reading them. I felt sick to think that a huge part of American culture had been tossed aside.

But when I published my books and people started buying them I realized it was the publishers who were at fault. The Western is not dead and the readers are still alive and love to read about the heroes and heroines of the frontier. I am now committed to writing the wrongs of the publishing world. With “Outlaws Publishing” I can now produce, promote and release Westerns that I know readers will love. I want to help you release your Western and I want you to see how much readers love them. If you would like to talk to me about releasing your western with “Outlaws Publishing” then drop me a line through the contact me page on this blog. 

Together we will have an adventure worthy of a book.