We Have All The Time in the World

cattle drive

For any author it is important to realize that writing a book takes time. For some authors it can be time spent on building the story, for other authors it is time spent marketing. For all authors you need to have the time to invest in your books. 

When I first started writing books I didn’t realize that I would have to spend time on other aspects of the book business. I had written the book, but then had to have the book edited and proofread. Then I realized that I would have to market the book. I then realized that I would need time to attend book fairs and other events. Then I added in the time needed to get my book made into an audiobook. Time is not money in the book business– time is a necessary expense.

I spend many hours each evening on my computer working on my books. I would say that most authors do. 

If you are serious about making your book a success then spend the time. I have all the time in the world for my books– do you?