The Comfortable Road of The West


long road

Writing westerns is a little like taking a trip that you’ve taken many times before—only instead of being nervous about getting lost, driving off a cliff or getting into a car accident—you don’t have to take chances. You might find yourself experimenting with your stories. Westerns are character driven, they’re action driven and they’re a genre that thrives on tradition. You’re not writing history—you’re writing someone’s version of history.

So what makes writing westerns so enticing? It could be the same reason folks spend time watching trains or wearing cardigans—it’s comfortable and it’s easy—you know the genre so well, you can put together a story easily.

Do you have a western story in mind? Is there a gunfight on your mind? How would you end that story? You should write it down and let the reader discover your take on American history. It ain’t gonna get done unless you do it.