J.R. Evers Signs with Outlaws Publishing

jr evers

Outlaws Publishing is proud to announce we have just signed an exclusive contract with author J.R. Evers, a fellow Texan.

J.R., like so many new authors has been struggling to self-publish his stories and discovered Outlaws Publishing, a company who is dedicated to helping new authors with that struggle.

J.R. writes westerns, our favorite genre of stories. We will be releasing his first book in the near future.

We believe, J.R. will be a very successful western author and the readers are going to love his books.

We want to thank you the reader, for supporting our company and allowing us to present our authors to you.

J.R. likes antiques, karaoke, traveling and is a devoted family man having raised three sons, Dusty, Joseph and Cory, on his own.

While in Wyoming in 2006, he met Heather LeAnn Fairbank, a widow with three daughters. They were married in 2010 and are now living in Texas.

J.R. is a proud grandfather of a grandson and granddaughter with another grandchild on the way.