The Old Cowboy’s Trip to Austin

Austin TX

I was going to Austin Tx to accept the award for the Best Western Series and I was really dreading driving all that distance. (almost 200 miles)
Since I’ve gotten older I really don’t like to drive.
Well, a young lady and her friend invited me to ride with them.
Here I’m gonna tell some things that I don’t like. I do not like waiting on people. I’m sorry, it’s just the way I am. We had agreed on a time to meet and she was, in my humble opinion, running a little late.
My six year old great granddaughter was in the car with my wife and I. Of course it’s extremely hard for a six year old to be still and wait. Then she had to go potty, don’t they all when you go someplace.
Well, in a short time this old man’s bladder was talking to me. I figured I better go because once I get in someone else’s car, I can’t ask them to stop almost immediately after we get on the road. I told the six year old, come on let’s go pee pee.
Of course I can’t let her go in the women’s room alone and I can’t go in there, so she has to go into the men’s room with me. I take her in the little stall and put paper on the seat for her, tell her to take care of her business. I’m going out here and use the urinal. Wouldn’t you know it, the urinal isn’t in working order. It was covered with paper. Well my six year finished, so I told her to wait outside the little stall while I did what I needed to do. After we both took care of the pressure on our bladders, we left the building.
Wouldn’t you know it, when we walked outside, the woman I had been waiting on was now waiting on me.
Ain’t that the way it always works.