The Old Cowboy’s Trip to Austin Part Two


Trip 2
Anyway we got all loaded up and on the road. Here I am riding in the back seat, which I have never been able to do since I was a teenager, without getting car sick. And to top it all off, I’m putting my life in the hands of a woman driver. That’s something a real man would never do in the old days, but as I’ve gotten older, I find I’m doing a lot of things I wouldn’t have done before.

We stopped at a place called Busbees or something like that. I’ve seen some big stores in my time, but let me tell you I’ve never seen a place like this.

It looked to me like two football fields would fit with room left over. There were four rows of gas pumps all in a row and the building was so big I couldn’t see the other end from where I was standing.

I looked at some sandwiches a young girl was putting in the case. They looked pretty good, so I asked the young lady if she had eaten any of these sandwiches.

“No,” she said, without looking up and continued her task.

“I was hoping you could tell me which one is the best,” I told her, because I bet there were twenty different kinds.”

She continued working ignoring me completely. What’s wrong with the young people today?

I picked one up and walked a long way to the soft drink section. I wanted a small soft drink to go with the small sandwich. I suppose because it was such a large store they only had large drinks. I kind of understood that, then I looked at the sandwich more closely. It was an awfully small sandwich to go with a large drink, then I noticed what the large part of the sandwich was. It had a very large price. On the way back from the drink section I spied some peanut butter crackers. I grabbed some of them along with some cheese crackers, took the small large priced sandwich and returned it to its normal resting place with all the other sandwiches.

By switching that sandwich for the crackers I saved almost a dollar and a half.

To be continued