The Old Cowboy’s Trip to Austin Part Three


I was a little upset when we arrived in the State Capital. I write westerns and the cowboys I write about don’t keep a rain storm or even a blizzard keeps them from rounding up their cows. It sprinkled a couple of drops of rain and the award ceremony on the Capital steps was canceled. However the rib dinner and the picture taking was still going to happen that night. So, it wasn’t a complete wash out.
The hotel where we stayed and I don’t know why they called it a hotel. It looked like one of the motels you see on all the TV shows except it was inside out. What I mean is all the rooms faced to the inside instead of on the outside like the Tv shows.
I tried relaxing a bit before the rib dinner, but found out the bed wasn’t the same as my bed at home.
We showed up for the dinner like we were supposed to, but it seems I was told in an email, which I never received that I was supposed to have my book with me to take a picture.
Well, since I hadn’t received that information, I figured I would go back to the hotel/motel where the car was and grab a couple of my books.
No problem right? It’s only a few blocks. I didn’t have any trouble finding my way. I told the valet that I needed to get something out of the car. He found the keys, handed them to me, and said it’s on level three, spot so and so. I said to him, would you mind showing me where that is? He told a young man who looked like he had just graduated from his baby crib to take me to the car.
I followed behind him up the stairs. He opened a door, turned to me and said, this is the third floor. He started to leave and I asked, could you please show me where the car is exactly.
I had ridden with a couple of nice ladies and even though I had ridden in the car for a couple hundred miles I had no idea what it looked like. The young man was nice enough to take to the car and said, “This is it,” turned and left.
The young woman who owned the car had given me her keys so I could unlock the car and retrieve what I came for. I took the keys from my pocket, walked to the rear of the car and proceeded to look for a keyhole to unlock the back of the car. It wasn’t real dark there, but it wasn’t real light either. I could not locate a keyhole. Am I missing something here? A key is made to go in a keyhole and unlock something, right? I could not find a place to insert the key. Okay, it has a keypad. I know what that is. You mash a button and it locks or unlocks your doors.
I looked down at the keypad in my hand and there was a thousand buttons on it. I knew one of them would unlock the door. But, if I press the wrong one it could be one of those panic buttons and I’ll get arrested for trying to steal the car.
I’m not much of a gambler but what the heck, take a chance. You’re running out of time. Well, my Guardian Angel must have been watching over me because I pressed a button, pressed the hidden door opener and it opened.
To be continued