The Old Cowboy’s Trip to Austin Part Six

My friend said, “I was getting worried. I tried calling you.”

Well, this old cowboy has refused to get a cell phone for years, but I figured I needed one for this trip. (That’s another story) Anyway, my friend and I sat down at a table and after much difficulty, she said, “I think we have my phone where I can call you. Yes, she fixed it with me sitting beside her wondering what she was doing to my phone.

I did meet some nice folks at the dinner. They introduced themselves and shook my hand, but don’t ask me what their names are.

It seems names are like missiles. They’re fired from a person’s mouth. They enter my left ear cause that’s my best one, but apparently there isn’t anything inside there to latch onto, because almost as soon as they’ve told me their name, it’s forgotten.

I could mark it up as old age, but it was that way even when I was younger. Not quite as bad but still there.

Did I find my way back in time for that rib dinner? Yes, I did and I have to admit even though I was very much out of my element, the meal was very good.
There is one thing about it that I didn’t understand. I’ve eaten a lot of ribs in my lifetime, but I have never seen such a large rib without a bone. The ribs I’ve eaten in the past, you had to pick’em up with your fingers and kind of gnaw on’em to get all the meat. Let me tell you, this piece of meat wasn’t just big, it was huge. It was thick and it didn’t have a bone in it. I enjoyed it very much, but I still wonder if somebody wasn’t pulling my leg calling it a rib.

To be continued