Mad Cowboy


Every time I go to the doctor’s office I’m greeted by the receptionist, the nurse, the doctor or anybody that sees me with “How are you?”
I wonder if I had a two inch gash in my arm, would they still ask. “How are you?” GRRRR!

The dentist has both hands in my mouth and wants to have a conversation with me. GRRRR!

I hate filling out all the paperwork at the doctor’s office. Six pages of basically the same questions. What difference does it make if my parents had something wrong with them? That shouldn’t have anything to do with my hang nail.
I went to a psychologist once, explained to him how much I hated paperwork. He met me at the door at my next appointment with six pages of paper he wanted me to fill out. GRRRR!

One of the things about getting older is everyone around you keeps getting younger. How old do you have to be to be a doctor? How old do you have to be to be an (expert)? It gives this old cowboy bad feelings when the doctor who is going to operate on me looks to be about fourteen years old.
I took my computer to get it repaired. The person that told this old cowboy how to fix it looked like he had just stopped wearing diapers a week ago. GRRRR!

Let’s go back to paperwork for a second. I list all the medication I’m taking, which is quite a lot. Then the doctor gives me a new pill that counteracts the ones I am taking. Did he not read anything that I just spent forty five minutes filling out? GRRRR!

How about these TV ads telling you how good this new medicine is. Then they start telling you all the side effects. Now why would a person want to take something that could cause all these other problems? GRRRR!

What’s happened to the post office? Remember their slogan? Neither snow nor ice will stop the mail from being delivered. We had a little snow recently and I didn’t receive any mail until the snow melted. GRRRR!

I believe it used to cost a couple of dollars to deliver one letter by pony express. It looks like it won’t be long until we’ll have to pay that much again. “Why?” I ask. “Isn’t our transportation today faster than a horse?” GRRRR!

What about these new energy saving light bulbs? Supposed to last for ten years. That’s a lot of B.S. They cost more and don’t last any longer than regular bulbs. I replaced one of my outside flood lights with one of those new halogen energy efficiency saving bulbs. I had to check with a flashlight to see if it was turned on. GRRRR!

To be continued.