I used to burn my trash in a barrel in my back yard. Didn’t hurt nobody. Saved me having to pay to have it hauled away. The larger stuff I loaded on a trailer and hauled to the dump located a few miles away. The city annexed the property where I’m located, so I can’t burn my trash on my own property. The dump where I used to take my larger refuge located in the county where I reside is for another county to use. Why don’t they dump their trash in their own county? GRRRR!

I used to mow the grass in front of my house out close to the road. My house is 150 feet off the road. They widened the road and started mowing it themselves. Sounds good doesn’t it? I no longer have to worry about it. Wrong. Whoever the city hires to do it doesn’t do half as good a job the way I did it. GRRRR!

Why is it, the companies that we do business with can raise their prices in the middle of the contract? But if I want to get out of the contract I have to pay a penalty? GRRRR!

I sign a contract with a company that I will pay this amount for this many years. Six months into the contract they raise the payments. I tell them I want to cancel. If you cancel, you will have to pay a penalty. It’s okay for them to change the rules, but I can’t. GRRRR!

I discovered the Hungry Man Hunger Buster Sandwich. I love hamburgers. This was easy to fix. Just pop it in the microwave and okay, it wasn’t great, but it was easy. They stopped making them. GRRRR!

When Home Depot first opened in our area. My wife and I went to the new store, we were bombarded with clerks wanting to help us. Now I have to hunt over the whole store to find someone to help me. And the thing I hate about it is when I find someone, they have to find someone else because “This isn’t my department.” GRRRR!

When I call someplace I have to listen to a recording. “Listen to the complete menu before making your choice. By the time I hear all the choices, I’ve forgotten what they all the choices were. I would love to be able to talk to a real person sometime. GRRRR!

When I was a kid and bought something. I paid what the price tag said. If it was a one dollar, I paid one dollar. Not one cent more. GRRRR!

How about these prices they put on things. Are we human beings really that stupid? How much does gas cost? $3.99 per gallon. It’s a bargain. It cost less than $4.00 dollars. GRRRR!

When I look at a thirty year old man, I see a grown man. An adult. When I look at my thirty year old son or in my case grandson. I see a little boy. I find it difficult to look and treat him as a grown man. All my kids are just that to me. Kids. GRRRR!

“Why did it do that?” This old cowboy can’t understand unnecessary questions. Things break. We fix them and they break again. That’s the way it is. “But it’s brand new. Why did it break?” GRRRR!

To be contiuned