I don’t smoke. Never have. Don’t really like to be around a smoker. But I sure don’t like the government telling folks where they can smoke or not smoke. GRRRR!

Then on the other side of that. I can’t understand the person that smoked for forty years and now they’re suing the tobacco company because they have lung cancer. Nobody made you smoke, DUMMY! GRRRR!

I was pastor of a church at one time. I would visit people’s homes and see things. Like the time I was holding the front door open with my hand, talking with the lady of the house, when two cockroaches ran down my arm. Or the time I was sitting at the kitchen table with some folks and there was a cat curled up in the middle of the stove. These are only two examples of why I could never eat other folk’s food when we would have potluck at the church. GRRRR!

I used to worry what others thought about me. Why should it matter if a complete stranger on the street doesn’t like the way you’re dressed. It took a lot of years for me to realize that. GRRRR!

How come we humans are so hateful and mean to others? Yet we get in our automobile and head down the highway going seventy miles an hour facing oncoming traffic going the same speed. How can we trust those strangers in those vehicles when we can’t trust those same people living across the street from us? GRRRR!

Twenty items or less. You know what that is, don’t you? You’ve got twenty one items in your cart, so you don’t go in the express lane, even though there is no one in it. You have to follow the rules. So, you slide in behind the fifteen people in the shortest line. You’re standing patiently reading one of the gossip magazines and glance at the twenty items or less line. Every cart there is filled to capacity. What happened to the rules or do they only apply to you? GRRRR!

What do you think about people using coupons in the checkout line? You have three items and you’ve been patiently waiting while the lady with enough items to feed an army is putting the last item on the counter. Finally, I’ll be able to check out with my three items. The lady opens her purse and pulls out a stack of coupons. GRRRR!

I never could understand the men where I worked for many years. They would have pictures of their family, their little babies in their tool box. Right beside the pictures of those beautiful kids would be pictures of naked women. GRRRR!

Does the weather man go to sleep at night with a clear conscious? After telling those lies all day? GRRRR!

Don’t you just love (New and improved)? The packaging is the same size, but what’s inside is not the same. Or the package and what’s inside is smaller, but the cost is more. GRRRR!

What is it about computer hackers? What kind of sicko thinks its funny to infect other people’s computers with a virus? GRRRR!

Then on the other hand, I think some viruses are invented by the companies that sell Antivirus programs. Am I being cynical? GRRRR!

Have you noticed the size of the extra-large eggs at the store are now the same size of what used to be called small? GRRRR!

I bought a new tablet. Then bought one of those warranty that covers it if you drop it, it gets wet, all that stuff. Well, it quit working, so I call and tell them it don’t work no more. Oh, our warranty doesn’t start until the factory warranty stops. There is still two days left on it. GRRRR!

These tires have a fifty thousand mile warranty. When they wear out before the fifty thousand miles there is too much wear on them so it will cost you this much to replace them. I can buy new tires for just a little more. GRRRR!

Did you notice when you take your car to the mechanic it runs perfect. The minute the shop is out of sight the noise starts again. GRRRR!

Have a Good Day! Too late for that!