Sleep to me is like catching a train when it passes through the station. If I miss it on the first pass I can only pray that another one will come my way soon. Of course this train of sleep doesn’t have a set schedule. It can come at any time, or not come.
When I was a young man, I could walk leisurely to the train of sleep station because I would immediately get on board and ride all night long, getting off the next morning feeling rested.
As I gotten older it seems the train of sleep began changing its schedule, but thankfully the majority of the time I’m able to catch it and ride all night long.
Now, I’m a lot older and I’m not sure the train of sleep even has a schedule anymore. It doesn’t seem to matter when I reach the station, I have to wait for the train of sleep to arrive. Most of the time it usually arrives approximately one to two hours after I reach the station.
The trips now are not restful trips like they were when I was young. It seems nowadays I get aboard feeling tired and worn out. I get off the train of sleep feeling even worse. Sometimes, heck most of the time the train of sleep has to make a special stop for an old man to empty his bladder which by the way is getting harder and harder to get it empty. By the time I make it back to the station to get on board, I find the train of sleep has left without me. I try very hard not to worry, but usually the train of sleep doesn’t come back again until the next night. And then it’s usually a repeat of the previous night.

Tonight I’m in a strange town in a strange room in a strange bed. Sounds like a scene out of a movie, right? The only difference with my scene is there is no strange woman lying next to me, which I’m extremely grateful because I would have a hard time explaining that.
Anyway after the train stopped at two thirty am to let an old man empty his bladder, when I lay back down I found the train didn’t wait, that’s okay because there’ll be another one along in a little bit.
That’s when all the traffic outside my door began. I think the train has gone in for repairs and won’t be coming this way again.

Why is it when you are trying so hard to go to sleep that leaky faucet sound is so exaggerated that you start trying to count how long it is between drips.
Or that grandfather clock in the other room that you have a hard time hearing standing next to it is now so loud you can not only hear it chime, but you can hear the ticking of the mechanism.
Sometimes I think I can even hear the fish in the aquarium breathing. I think I just realized why I can’t go back to sleep here in this strange bed. There is no snoring coming from the other side. “But I’m not snoring, I’m not asleep.” Probably the only woman in the world who snores when she’s awake and she can’t hear herself.
I’m back in my own bed tonight, but I’m still having trouble catching that train of sleep. I think I feel the vibration of the train coming into the station and just as quickly my eyes are wide awake. I missed it. I can only hope it comes this way again very soon.
There is one thing I hear which helps me to know I’m in my own bed. I can hear snoring next to me.