Hopefully you dug a well wide enough so you can keep stuff cool if you don’t have a springhouse or a root cellar. One of the reasons to make cheese is to use up all the milk you ended up with by milking all the cows by hand—after you weaned the calves. Another chore that isn’t fun—flour. If you grow your own grain, you’d need to know the difference between a snath and a blade and how to sharpen it.
Before the American Civil War there were no “left” and “right” shoes. Or they weren’t made that way, but after wearing them often enough, they developed “left” and “right.” The country songs that talk about getting a “brand new pair” when the kids go off to school is pretty accurate—for the 20th century. Before that, you went barefoot most of the year. Did I discuss disease yet? You know all those vaccines that are pushed on you as a child? All those were diseases that killed or crippled. Polio, measles, mumps, chicken pox, small pox, influenza, diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid, whooping cough, trench mouth, milk fever, goiters, warts and worms. All those and all the “little” problems that we face such as arthritis, heart attacks, and diabetes, were out there with no cure. But there was opium! Because of the high death rate among children, the “average” life span was 35. If you survived childhood, you had a good chance of living to be 60 or even 70. But by that time you were so worn out from all the work, you were ready. By the time you were 40 your skin was very wrinkled, you had lost most of your teeth, and every joint hurt—all the time.
Yup, the “good old days.

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