The Old Cowboy’s Latest Adventure

Headed to Winnsboro Tx for the Fifth Annual Author’s Showcase
As I was standing putting gas in my truck something caused my memory to kick in.
“Can I check under the hood Sir?”
All the young folks won’t recognize or remember those words. But, believe it or not we used to have something called Service Stations. You didn’t even have to get out of your vehicle. The attendant came rushing out the door as soon as you pulled into the driveway. “Good morning or evening,” whichever it might be. “Fill it up Sir,” was usually the words that followed the greeting which was delivered with a smile. As soon as he finished pumping the gas, he would wash the windshield, then ask if he could check under the hood. Then he might say, “that tire looks as if it could use some air,” which he proceeded to take care of. And all this service for a mere $0.19 cents a gallon. Yes, indeed, times have changed.
While I was standing there I noticed a sign on the gas pump telling me I can get two nickel packs of M&Ms for a dollar and a half.
Then something else caught my eye. Folks were going inside and coming out with a handful of lottery tickets. My thought was, “Are you using money that should be buying milk for the baby?”
And another sign on the pump saying cigarettes that used to cost a couple bucks a carton, are now around $45.00 a carton. More of the kid’s milk money gone to a habit.

I had been told by several people that I needed to use cruise control on my trip. That’s good advice except for one little thing. When I set the cruise control, I have to constantly keep hitting the brake because of people deciding to change lanes in front of me. I cannot understand what is so enticing about that space between me and the car in front of me that everybody has to zip their car into and then immediately hit their brakes.

It seems my GPS tried to get along this time, at least so far. I don’t think I could have made this trip this time without it. I haven’t been on these particular roads in twenty or more years and they have changed just a bit.
I made fairly good time and believe it or not, I didn’t get lost, however the trip isn’t over yet. There’s still time for that.
I arrived in the small town of Winnsboro and thought I would get something to eat. I spotted the Golden Arch and pulled in, went inside. The joint was packed. I stood in line and found out the reason I was there. I thought I was there to get a Big Mac, which I was, however, while waiting in line I met a gentleman and we got to talking. I learned he’s a singer. He explained that the songs just come to him and he sings them. I asked if he was recording them or writing them down.
“No,” he said.
I felt the need to tell him that God gave him a talent and didn’t want him to hide it under a bushel. We visited while the folks on the other side of the counter went hunting for a cow to make my Big Mac. It was a very enjoyable visit. I hope to hear from the man again.

Here I am propped up against the headboard in the motel. Did you know there are still motels that use regular keys for the doors? This one does. I have to tell you that the moldy smell reminds me of my trip to Guam while in the Air Force. The thing I have to remember and keep telling myself is the price was extremely reasonable and it is just one night. Not like the three months in Guam.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow hoping we have a good turnout. I really need to sell a lot of books to help pay for my last trip. You remember, the one where a cop asked for my autograph?
Next time I’ll tell you about the event and my trip home listening my GPS.