The Old Cowboy’s Latest Adventure Part Two

I said I would tell about my trip back from the Winnsboro Author’s Showcase.
The event was great except it rained and was a little bit cool outside which didn’t bother us on the inside, but apparently it kept a lot of folks home
Let me say here that I take my hat off to Maryann Miller for hosting this great event. I’m looking forward to next year. As I stated I had a great time, however there is one question I have for all the people that go to a book signing and they tell me they don’t read. Please explain to me why you’re there. I cannot understand.

I met an elderly couple. I call them elderly because the gentleman was older than me. His wife is the author. He’s not, his words. I encouraged him to write because I felt at his age, he had a lot of stories in his head. He walked away and I saw him later up on the stage seated at a desk with pencil and paper writing away. What he was writing? I don’t know but perhaps I planted a seed and we’ll see what he wrote someday in a best-selling book.

There was another young lady there with her significant other who told me she only read science books (technical stuff). I offered her a free book and she refused it. Talk about hurt feelings. The old cowboy was disappointed. I’ve been told many times I was a good salesman, but apparently I wasn’t good enough this time and to top it off, her significant other left the business card I gave him laying on the table.
But overall, I had a great time. I got to meet some amazing authors and pick their brains for any little tidbit of information that will perhaps help me to grow as an author.

At the end of the day, I packed everything in the truck and hit the road. I told my GPS I wanted to go home and off we went into the setting sun. One thing about being on a country road without any turnoffs, the GPS didn’t have anything to say until I reached the freeway. Then it did extremely well. That old sun that had been shining in my eyes had now disappeared behind the horizon.
I have a hard enough time seeing clearly in the day time, so at night it’s really tough.
Now here’s the part I have a hard time understanding. I was driving along gripping the steering wheel so tight my hands were beginning0 to cramp and thinking to myself how I was beginning to like my new GPS.
My plans were to take the 635 bypass when all of a sudden there it was way over in the left lane where the traffic was backed up and there was no way I could get over there so I decided to follow the direction that the GPS told me to go.
I will admit I thought about turning around, but talked my way out of that, which later I wished I had turned around because it took me to downtown Ft worth where they are rebuilding all the roads. Now my hands were glued to the steering wheel.
You know those cement barriers they put on the side of the road? Well, I think if I had put my elbow out the window it would have scraped that concrete. That’s how close they felt.
The traffic was horrendous. (How’s that for a big word)

I finally made it home after fussing with the GPS, telling it I can’t turn because there is no road. I reached an area that I knew where I was and maybe I should have turned the GPS off, but I didn’t.
I think it must have been upset about the way I had been talking to it because it tried to take me down a country road that would have taken me another thirty minutes to reach home.

I finally pulled into my driveway and thank goodness, I didn’t have to call the wife to pry my hands from the steering wheel.

There is another book signing in Texarkana November 21st. I plan on attending, so I would ask for all you folks to say a little prayer for me and my GPS.

So until next time, so long and God Bless.