Experienced Western Author Paul L. Thompson Signs With Hit Western Publisher Outlaws Publishing LLC
Author of over 30 books, Paul L. Thompson, today signed an exclusive contract to publish his next book with Outlaws Publishing LLC.

MIDLOTHIAN, Texas – Nov. 23, 2015 —

How many of you remember reading what Louis L’Amour said about his writing?

He said he didn’t write about a creek, a cave, or any landscape that he hadn’t waded or jumped over, crawled into or walked across.

L’Amour was a man that lived what he wrote.

On this day of November 23rd 2015, Outlaws Publishing is proud and excited to announce the signing of Paul L. Thompson as the latest addition to our growing stable of western authors.

Like L’Amour, Thompson has lived the life and continues to explore every aspect of the west to create a pure western story with facts that are authentic.

Author of some thirty novels, Outlaws Publishing is looking forward to sharing Thompson’s newest stories with his faithful readers and the rest of the reading world.

Outlaws owner/chairman J.C. Hulsey stated, “Don’t be surprised if some of Paul’s older stories begin to reappear in the near future.”

You can learn more about Paul L. Thompson and J.C. Hulsey by visiting Alternatively, you can email Outlaws Publishing via
J.C. Hulsey