The Old Cowboy’s Latest Adventure Part One

If you will allow me, I’d like to talk a little about something that I feel very strongly about.
I’ll tell about the trip in a day or so.

I met more folks at this event that wanted to be an author than all the events I’ve been to. My advice to each of them was to simply do it. Don’t let anything or anybody, including yourself talk you out of it. Or as Larry the Cable Guy says ‘Git’er Done.’

There is something else I heard at this event more than the others. It was the sad stories about a certain publishing company that has taken advantage of innocent authors who just wanted to get their book or books out before the readers. I won’t call this company by name, but maybe I should, so others won’t be taken in by them and be robbed of their finances.
Sometimes I feel if I hear that company’s name one more time I, well . . . I don’t know what I’ll do. I know what I’d like to do, but I can’t put it in print.
Please, all you new authors and wanta be authors, don’t pay anyone money to publish your work. I know how you feel when you’ve written that great story and you know it’s exactly what the world needs. You do a quick search on the Internet and you find all these publishers that make all kind of promises for a price. I know how excited you feel that you have a publisher interested in your brand new story. It’s a great feeling that can’t hardly be described, but please, please, don’t fall into that trap of paying to fulfill your dream. You’ll wind up heart broken and deep in debt.
I hear this story almost every day.
“I paid them money and they haven’t delivered what they promised or they want more money to take my book to the next level.”
Folks, listen to the old cowboy. There ain’t no guarantee in the book business. If someone tells you you’ll be selling a certain amount of books in a certain amount of time. They’re not being truthful with you or if you didn’t understand what I just said. They’re lying. I will agree that a few folks have had successful ventures with these publishers, but there are more broken hearts and dashed dreams than success stories. What really makes me mad is this is only one of many such companies of these dream robbers.
Beware, they’re out there just waiting for the person with that desire, with that dream to share their newly written best seller with the readers. These scoundrels are poised and ready to pounce on you like a rabid skunk and if you fall into their trap, it could cause you to become so discouraged you might even think about throwing in the towel.
Again I urge you, I beg you, don’t jump at the first so called opportunity. Check more than one publisher and pick one that wants to help and not hurt you.