The Old Cowboy’s Latest Adventure Part Two

Well, my side-kick, GPS and I made it with only one pit-stop. Traffic wasn’t too bad and I only saw one cop car for the whole trip. Of course you know what the pit-stop was for don’t you? That’s right, however I did purchase a 25 cent package of donuts for 75 cents. Oh how this old cowboy longs for the days when I could go all day without having to go, if you get my drift.
I felt a kind of lost feeling when we crossed over the state line out of Texas into Arkansas. But you know, I couldn’t really tell any difference. All the landscape and businesses look the same.
There wasn’t any of the turning off and around the streets to get here like other events I’ve been to. This one was located right off the main road. So there shouldn’t be any trouble for my sidekick to get us back on the trail when we head back home.
As I said, we made really good time, however there was one little problem. After I wrote down what kind of vehicle, what color and year for the desk clerk, it seems the old cowboy needed to go again and pretty bad.
I finally got checked in and headed to the second floor to room 239 which was about as far as you could travel on that floor.
Unlike the last establishment I stayed in that used an old fashioned key to open the door, this one had one of those fancy key cards. Apparently each hotel/motel have their own brand of key cards, because I seem to always have trouble getting the cotton picking thing to open the door. It’s quite a struggle holding a suitcase, a briefcase and my trusty Kindle, which by the way I don’t go anyplace without, and with my legs crossed, to get the door open. Why were your legs crossed, is that what you’re asking? Let’s just say I’m glad they had the bathroom right inside the door which I finally got opened. Why can’t they all have a key card that works the same? This one you pushed it in and then immediately pulled it out, then the door would open. I think maybe the place with the regular key had the right idea.
After the bathroom incident, the next problem was one of those long-lasting light bulb’s life had apparently run out. How long are they supposed to last? Anyway, instead of calling the front desk, I swapped it with the other one that was still long lasting and it lit the room up, which is what a light bulb is supposed to do, right?stock-vector-cartoon-man-on-a-step-ladder-changing-a-light-bulb-181179005
There is another good thing about this event, at least I hope it’s good. It’s right here in the hotel. I’ll know more a little later, I suppose.
I mentioned earlier about my room being about as far as you could go down the hallway from the elevator. I figured out why they assigned that room to me. It’s as close to Texas as they could get me and still be under their roof.