The Old Cowboy’s Latest Adventure Part Three

I had a great time at the Fall Gathering of Authors in Texarkana.
I take my hat off to Tammy Thompson and all the volunteers who organized and put this event together. I do believe it was one of the better events I’ve attended this year.
Anyway, I’m sitting at home trying to get my thoughts together, so I can tell you about the trip. It was a great hotel/motel. A Holiday Inn and it wasn’t that much more expensive than some of the others I tried sleeping in. I say tried, because I have a hard enough time sleeping at home, let alone in a strange room and bed.
I had a little trouble hooking up to the Internet, but we got everything done after fussing with the IT guy.
After waking at three in the morning and struggling with my body to try and go back to sleep, I finally took a shower hoping to get rid of the groggy feeling and see if breakfast was included with the room.
The last two places I spent the night didn’t have anything to eat. While stuffing my face with scrambled eggs and sausage, I introduced myself to the gentleman at the table across from me. He was on trip with his friends and they were leaving as soon as breakfast was over. I bid him good day and went to set up my table for the book signing. I was busy doing that when I heard my name being called. It was the gentleman from the dining room. He bought three books to read on his way home.
As I said this was one of the better book signings that I’ve attended. I met a lot of folks that wanted to know how they could become an author. I told them what I tell everyone. Just do it. Don’t let anyone or anybody including yourself talk you out of doing it.
I also met a lot of other authors and in my opinion, some very friendly ones.
When it was over and I got everything in the truck, I decided to not let GPS talk on the way back home and everything went fairly well until a little later. I’ll tell you about that in the next episode.
How many of you remember the speed limit being 55 miles an hour? The people drove 75 miles an hour then, right? Well now that they can go 75 legally, why do they have to drive faster than that? And what is it about that space between me and the car in front of me that is so special, so enticing that almost every vehicle wants to pull in there and immediately slam on their brakes?
There was an accident right before Rockwell Texas. I was right on the bumper of the truck in front of me when this little foreign car decided he couldn’t pull in behind me. He decided he wanted in front of me. He must not have cared much for his new shiny car, at least not as much as I cared about my 2004 Dodge pickup, because I finally gave in and let the idiot in front of me.

Tune in next time for the rest of the story.