The Old Cowboy’s Latest Adventure Part Four

Let me start off by saying I don’t believe what I’m about to ask, but I need to try and understand. Maybe you can help me.

I’ve told you many times about the relationship between me and my computer. We just seem to tolerate one another. He/she puts up with me because I give it what it needs to survive, mainly electricity. And it gives me what I need most of the time, but it’s usually with a fuss on my part and some words that I shouldn’t type in here.

But that’s not really my problem that I need help with. Apparently, I have trouble with all electrical things.

I told you I didn’t share the trip back from Texarkana with my sidekick GPS. I figured since it was a straight trip, I could do it on my own.

Now here’s my dumb question. Do you believe electrical machines can communicate with one another, even when they’re shut off? I told you it was a dumb question.

The reason I’m asking is on the way back home; I saw this big electronic sign telling me the exit I needed to take was closed due to an accident. Not only did I see this sign once, but three times. I was a little worried, because if I had to take an alternate route I was going to be later getting home.

This is what my crazy brain came up with. My sidekick was upset with me because I didn’t turn him on and he sent a message to that sign telling me to take another route.

This is beginning to sound like a science fiction story, ain’t it?

As I approached that exit where there was supposed to be an accident, there was no accident. The ramp was open and there was no slowdown at all.

I think we better stop here and try to get my brain back on track and thin about things that make sense. I would like to hear your thoughts on this subject though.

Until next time.