Happy New Year

New Year 2016 2In 2013 I decided to publish some poetry booklets. Things had sure changed in the publishing business. I published 7 poetry booklets on Amazon.
In 2014 I learned a person I knew was a published author and doing fairly well at it. I said to myself, if she can write a book, then why can’t I.
I sat at my computer and started typing. The story came so easy. It was like the characters were writing the story themselves. I had plans to write one book, then stop, however that book turned into seven and won first prize in The Texas Authors Association of Authors for Best Western Series. I have plans for ten more stories in the series, but I became involved with other characters wanting me to share their stories first. I now have 41 books published on Amazon.
I became so disillusioned with the rejections form publishers, agents and even other authors that I started Outlaws Publishing. First I was only going to publish westerns, but I learned other folks wanted to be published, so I added two subsidiaries Hondo Publishing and My Dusty Roads Publishing for stories that aren’t westerns.
We started and host a weekly online radio show ‘The Wild West Showdown. We interview authors, singer, pilots, poets, anyone with a talent. We play original country music, have poetry readings and I might add a few words of my own.
January 2016 we are starting a digital magazine. ‘The Outlaws Echo – Digital Magazine’
We have several Facebook pages, Twitter pages, basically any avenue we are trying to cover.
We are looking to 2016 with great anticipation and excitement that we will continue to expand and be able to help anyone with a talent to receive the recognition they so richly desire and deserve.

Send an email to jc@outlawspublishing.com or jc@theoldcowboy.net.