Superstar Writer Roberts Signs With Outlaws Publishing For New Western Novels

“King of the Indie Authors” Cliff Roberts has signed an exclusive deal with Outlaws Publishing to publish his next series of westerns. 

Cliff Roberts

Cliff Roberts

MIDLOTHIAN, Texas – March 17, 2016 – PRLog — Earlier this week it was announced by Outlaws Publishing publicity office that they had reached an agreement with superstar bestselling author Cliff Roberts to publish his latest series of westerns. The first book in this new series is called “Draw!” and will be released later this year.

Roberts, who had his first hit with “Reprisal! The Eagle Rises,” moved into writing westerns a few years ago. His books “Innocence and the Outlaw,” “Shootout” and “Gunfight at Cruel Creek” have been strong sellers and have all appeared on the bestseller charts. But with the book industry changing he has become another one of a string of high profile western authors to sign with Outlaws Publishing.

Cliff Roberts commented earlier this week, “I feel strongly that Outlaws is the only publishing company for westerns,” he said. “They have feeling for marketing, and promotion, that other companies lack. They are proactive and deservedly share a huge part of the western market.”

Outlaws Chairman J.C. Hulsey is said to be delighted at the idea of signing Roberts, who was one of his favorite authors. “It’s going to be a pleasure to work with such a legendary name,” Hulsey said. “I feel that Roberts and Outlaws are good for each other. All western authors are welcome to Outlaws Publishing.”

You can learn more about Cliff Roberts, and Outlaws Publishing, by visiting their official website ( You can also learn more by emailing Outlaws Publishing publicity office at

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