When It Rains It Pours — Outlaws Publishing Signs Seventh Author Of 2016

Red hot western publishing outfit Outlaws Publishing announces they have brokered an exclusive contract with author Bruce G. Bennett to publish his latest western novel.
Preachers Corner by Bruce G. BennettPreachers Corner by Bruce G. Bennett

MIDLOTHIAN, Texas – April 11, 2016 — Bruce G. Bennett, a writer who scored a huge hit with “UnAmerica” and then disappeared to take in the country air has resurfaced with three possible books, the first of which is now sitting on Amazon. It’s called “Preacher’s Corner,” a Western. A true, gritty, down-to-earth Western that will blow you away.

J.C. Hulsey Owner/Chairman of Outlaws Publishing stated, “Preacher’s Corner” is filled with action-packed drama, great gunfights and the writing of Bruce G. Bennett. You won’t be able to put it down. This is only the beginning of Bruce G. Bennett’s entry into the Western market.”

Bruce G. Bennett is best known for his previous book “UnAmerica,” which is still a bestseller. He will be releasing two other novels during 2016.

“Preacher’s Corner” is available now for purchase from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback. You can learn more about Bruce G. Bennett and J.C. Hulsey by visiting, Alternatively, you can email Outlaws Publishing via or

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