Hold The Presses!

Hold The Presses! Outlaws Publishing Looks Set To Publish A Notorious Criminal

Outlaws Publishing has signed an exclusive publishing contract with B.W. Hedgepeth. B.W. is a direct descendant of notorious western folk hero the “Debonair Bandit.”

MIDLOTHIAN, TexasJune 1, 2016 – Outlaws Publishing LLC and B.W. Hedgepeth has reached an agreement for Outlaws to publish Hedgepeth’s first Western novel based on the true story of Marion Hedgepeth, the infamous ‘Debonair Bandit.’

It’s not often one gets to meet a direct descendant of a famous outlaw, however this is just what Outlaws Publishing has accomplished.

It was stated that Marion Hedgepeth looked like a dude, but ‘dangerous’ and ‘deadly’ fit him better. The dark-complexioned, wavy-haired six footer, who roamed from town to town as a hired gun (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercenary), maintained the fastidious, gentlemanly appearance of a dandy, sporting a bowler hat (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowler_hat) and diamond stickpin.

J.C. Hulsey stated, “I’m extremely excited to be able to present this story to the readers about such a famous outlaw by a direct descendant. B.W. is a very talented writer and used true events to turn this story into something I’m positive everyone is going to want to read. I’m sure B.W.’s book will be right up there with the other Outlaw’s list of best sellers. I’m looking forward to a great business relationship with B.W..”

Hedgepeth’s first Western novel, ‘The Debonair Bandit’ will be available in Ebook, paperback and audio in the near future.

You can learn more about B.W. Hedgepeth and Outlaws Publishing at www.outlawspublishing.com or you can drop and email to bw@outlawspublishing.com or jc@outlawspublishing.com.

J.C. Hulsey

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