The ‘Doc’ Is Heading To Town With Twelve Notorious Western Heroes

Outlaws Publishing LLC signs exclusive contract to publish Gregory ‘Doc’ Patton’s New Western work.


MIDLOTHIAN, TexasJune 15, 2016

Gregory “Doc” Patton of Parsons, Kansas has always considered himself as a cowboy-he’s told stories and poems to friends around the campfire for years, and now he wants to share his stories with you, the reading public. It was announced earlier this week that ‘Doc’ has finally decided to take the next step in the evolution of his work by signing with Outlaws Publishing LLC to publish his short western novel ‘Marshal’. This will be the first time Patton has released a novel.

Outlaws Founder/Chairman J.C. Hulsey stated, “We here at Outlaws are very proud that Greg has decided to sign with us for his new novel. We are also proud to be in the running to publish his poetry. Publishing poetry is a new venture for us and we are excited to move into this brand new territory. Outlaws is never afraid to take the initiative and try new avenues.

You can learn more about Gregory ‘Doc’ Patton by visiting www.outlawspublishing.com. You can also email jc@outlawspublishing.com to find out more information.

Contact J.C. Hulsey jc@outlawspublishing.com

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