Celebrate Summer With A Good Book From Outlaws Publishing LLC

Outlaws Publishing LLC is proud to announce the release of four new books from some of the greatest authors in the world.

MIDLOTHIAN, TexasJuly 6, 2016

‘Willow Lane’ by Paul L. Thompson, the continuing story of U. S. Marshal Shorty Thompson. This time he tangles with a feisty girl by the name of Willow Lane. This will be the sixth Paul L. Thompson book released by the company.

‘From The Front Porch’ by Gregory ‘DOC’ Patton, A collection of unique and enjoyable Cowboy Poetry. This will be the first Gregory ‘DOC’ Patton book with the company.

‘The Debonair Bandit’ by B.W. Hedgepeth, Based on the true story of the infamous bandit Marion Hedgepeth. This will be the first B.W. Hedgepeth book released by the company.

‘The Six Jolly Cowboys’ by L. Glen Enloe, A tale of adventure and intrigue as James Jolly chases bandits across the wild frontier. This will be the first L. Glen Enloe book released by the company.

J.C. Hulsey, Founder/Chairman of Outlaws Publishing said, “My advice to you would be to saddle up, ride on over to Amazon.com and grab a copy of each of these books for an exciting read, then tell all your friends and family to do the same.”
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These books are available both in Kindle and paperback, and will soon be available as audiobooks.

You can learn more about these great books, and more from www.outlawspublishing.com.
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