Outlaws Publishing Has Done It Again! Western Romance Is Hot As Ever!

Western Publishing outfit Outlaws Publishing LLC announces that they have signed veteran author Linda Krpec to an exclusive contract to publish her Western Novel.

MIDLOTHIAN, TexasJuly 8, 2016 – Texan author Linda Krpec, has signed an exclusive contract with Outlaws Publishing to publish her acclaimed Western novel entitled ”Texas Ranger Romance’.

‘Texas Ranger Romance’ is a compilation of Romance stories about blooming love between Texas Rangers and their sweethearts. Love stories that will tug at everyone’s heartstrings.

J.C. Hulsey Owner/Chairman of Outlaws Publishing stated, “It is such a joy to work with an author like Linda Krpec who says, my heroes have always been clean talking cowboys who respect women and never use a bad word to make their point. Linda’s first story is one that I personally enjoyed very much.”

With bestselling authors like John D. Fie. Jr, Seth Nation and Kenneth S. Pratt and others already signed with the company, Krpec’s signing will see Outlaws Publishing reach out to the Western romance readers and thus will enter into yet another venture. This timely intervention comes as “mail-order bride” Western novels are leading the Western sales boom.

Texas Ranger Romance 5‘Texas Ranger Romance’ will be available soon for purchase from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback.

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