Outlaws Signs Western Author Bowden For An Exclusive Bestselling Bonzana

Outlaws Publishing LLC has announced that they have signed an exclusive contract with Western author Frank Bowden to publish his first book “A Home for Rebecca.”



MIDLOTHIAN, Texas – Oct. 14, 2016. It was announced that Outlaws Publishing LLC has entered into a contract with experienced public speaker, and storyteller Frank Bowden to release his first completed Western manuscript ‘A Home For Rebecca.’

Bowden, a native of Texas who has had a long career in insurance decided to write his book earlier in the year after a conversation with Outlaws chairman J.C. Hulsey. With the support of the company this first novel looks likely to be a great success.

Frank and Lurlene Bowden

“I knew Frank had what was needed to be a Western writing star,” Outlaws chairman J.C. Hulsey said recently. “We are very lucky to have a master storyteller ready, willing and able to write a book for us that will bring so much joy to so many readers who are looking to read a fantastic story.”

Outlaws Publishing LLC is currently having great success with Western authors including several of the fastest selling authors of the year. The company was started just over a year ago by Western author and enthusiast J.C. Hulsey. Under his leadership the company now stands as one of the biggest publishing houses in Western fiction.

‘A Home For Rebecca’ will be available on Amazon towards the end of October. You can learn more about Frank Bowden and J.C. Hulsey by visiting www.outlawspublishing.com (http://www.outlawspublishing.com). Alternatively, you can email Outlaws Publishing via jc@outlawspublishing.com.










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