Paradise Lost! Edin Found

Paradise Lost! Edin Found With Outlaws Publishing LLC’s New Book Signing

Popular Western poetry author Chris Edin has signed an exclusive publishing contract with Outlaws Publishing.

MIDLOTHIAN, TexasNov. 7, 2016 – Outlaws Publishing LLC is proud to announce the signing of Chris Edin to an exclusive contract to publish his Cowboy Poetry and any future writings.

Outlaws is constantly reaching new heights by publishing genres that most publishers won’t publish. Poetry is one of those genres.

“We are proud to publish the works of Cowboy Poets because each and every one of them not only write about cowboys, but they personify that lifestyle. This is a lifestyle that I personally feel very strongly about.” J.C. Hulsey, Founder/Chairman of Outlaws said in a statement. “Chris is one of those folks I am glad not only to sign as an author, but to add him as a member of the Outlaws family and to call a friend.”

Chris Edin was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He served over 30 years in law enforcement. Chris’s inspiration for poetry and writing comes out of his own life events, both through past experiences and his love for horses. As a former horse trainer and horse enthusiast, Chris embraced the cowboy way. His cowboy poetry serves as a passion to tell a story about his life or the life of another with a cowboy tale. Chris appreciates the hard work of cowboys and ranchers and considers himself a cowboy at heart.

Chris’s passion for writing is not only reflected in his cowboy poetry, but also his romance poems and the future writings he will bring to his audience.

You can learn more about Chris Edin by visiting You can also email his press office at

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