The Latest News From Outlaws Publishing: May 2017

A Message From Outlaws Publishing Chairman J.C. Hulsey

This is a sad day for the old Cowboy. How many of you remember around the first of the year I talked about us having to restructure Outlaws? Well. we did some minor adjusting at that time. However, as we move forward into 2017, we have found we are going to have to do more restructuring. The reason I feel bad is each of the departments are my babies. I brought them to life. But now, just like our children, I have to let them go.

The Outlaws Echo – Digital Magazine, will be revamped into a quarterly publication. I want to personally say thanks to all those that participated in the Echo and I would ask you to continue to support the magazine.

Hondo Publishing, My Dusty Roads as well as Gumshoe Publishing will be put on hiatus. The Outlaws Poetry and the newly formed Outlaws Kids Books will be closed indefinitely

The board has discussed these decisions many times, but in the interest of the company and our loyal readers, the decision has been made to put all our resources and efforts into the Western department.

As I stated, this has been very difficult for me, yet I understand for a company to continue to grow and prosper, hard choices and changes sometimes have to be made.

Do you want to work for the premier Western Publisher in the world? Well, you’re at the right place.

Outlaws Publishing LLC is searching for someone who wants to grow with the company. Someone who isn’t afraid to step out and grab the brass ring. Someone who will be loyal to a fault. The Outlaws Echo – Digital Magazine is an extension of Outlaws Publishing and as such needs someone with the expertise to share the Western lifestyle through the pages of the Echo.

Please send your resume to