June is a very special month for the Old Cowboy.

First of all, it’s my birthday. I reckon without that happening none of this other stuff would be possible.

June 1958 I began the process to join the United States Air Force.

June 1959 I got married to the sweetest girl in the world.

Of course she’s crazy, because anybody that could put up with me that long has to be crazy.

June 1961 – our second child was born

June 1963 – discharged from USAF.

June 1967 – discharged from Air National Guard

June 2001 – retired from Bell Helicopter

June 2014 – published first books

June 2015 – Started Outlaws Publishing

June 2015 – Signed first author to Outlaws

June 2015 – First episode of The Wild West Showdown Online Radio Show

June 2017 – 104th Episode of The Wild West Showdown.

June 2017 – signed 35th author to Outlaws

So as you can see, the month of June is when things happen in the Old Cowboy’s life.

If you’re a Western Author, you can make June a special month for you. The way to do that is send your Western manuscript to submissions@outlawspublishing.com and make June 2017 the beginning of a special month for you.