Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for members of Outlaws Publishing is as follows:

  1. Members are expected to act as a family. As we all know most, if not all families have squabbles and fights, but the bottom line is when one of them gets into trouble, the family pitches in and stands behind them.
  2. There will be no jealousy – my work is better than yours, I make more money than you, etc.
  3. Members will work together to help further one another’s work even though one might not like it.
  4. Members will be able to criticize and the one being criticized will accept it as valuable advice, however it is only advice. It doesn’t have to change the others work.
  5. If advice is asked for, a member is expected to give an honest opinion and it should be accepted, but not necessarily taken as gospel.
  6. If a member is found to be breaking any of the code, he or she will be reprimanded harshly.
  7. If you as a member of Outlaws Publishing feel you cannot meet these guidelines, then this is not the publishing company for you.Louis L'Amour
  8. I think Louis L’Amour gives a very good description of what we want for Outlaws Publishing.
  1. “I’ve written all these stories without any pornography, without any obscenity, I grew up among sailors and miners and lumberjacks and the roughest kind of men in the world, but I never found it necessary to use all that in the stories. I can make them real without that. I think much of that kind of writing is a cover-up for lack of real skill.”  

Louis L’Amour