Our Mission


Outlaws Publishing is a family oriented organization. What we mean by that is, we as a family will help one another in all aspects of our work. Now we all know that families squabble, fuss and might even come to fisticuffs at times, but if someone jumps on one of the members of our family, then they have to take on all of us. We may not like one another at times, but when we get to the bottom line, we do care about and love one another.

That’s all fine, you may say, but it doesn’t really tell me what Outlaws Publishing is going to do for me to make my book a success.

If you are a Western Writer that often feels as if no one cares. If you feel overlooked and discounted? If you feel like you aren’t getting the credit that you deserve?

Well, don’t think you are the only one who has those feelings. Western novelist quite often do not get the credit they deserve.

But in today’s new world of publishing, Western Books have the potential to become one of the leading sellers in today’s book market. Your story could very well be the one at the top of the best sellers list with the help of Outlaws Publishing.

Outlaws Publishing has the experience, the expertise, the contacts and the power to put your Western Novel at the top of the best sellers list. Outlaws Publishing believes Western Authors have HUGE potential. Outlaws Publishing is looking for Western writers to join our rapidly growing family of sucessful authors.

Make the move today to Outlaws Publishing.

Join the growing ranks of Western writers looking for success by hanging your spurs in the stable at Outlaws Publishing.