James Evers:

I was going to turn only Piper over to them and see what happens during the first year of the contract. But, I’m turning all my stories over to them now.
I believe in J.C. Hulsey and Outlaws Publishing.

John D. Fie Jr.:

Outlaws Publishing is doing a fantastic job. Heck, I’ve sold more books in just July and August than all of last year.

Travis McGaughey

I think folks are scared that publishers will take the work of the author as well as complete control of the art; and rightfully so. This is not the case with Outlaws Publishing or J.C. Hulsey. Mr. Hulsey is here to help authors create and amplify that creativity. Whatever vision you set for yourself, Outlaws Publishing is here to help you achieve them. They’re a diamond in the ruff. -Travis McGaughey

Chaz Allen – Narrator

J. Rodney Turner – Narrator

Shana Buck

I enjoyed working with JC Hulsey of Outlaws Publishing LLC while recording RED ROSE for Audible.  JC  may call himself The Old Cowboy, but I’d call him a real Southern Gentleman; he was very attentive to the work, quick to respond to the questions I had and always polite and thoughtful.    Red Rose was quite a charming story to narrate, and I’m very proud of having had the opportunity to work with such a fine publisher and author. 

J. Scott Bennett

Howdy, this is J. Scott Bennett, audio book narrator and producer.  I am happy to tell you what I know about Outlaws Publishing and J.C. Hulsey in particular.  It has been my distinct pleasure and privilege to be affiliated with J.C. and his work at Outlaws.  In 2015 I produced six different audio books penned by J.C. and published by Outlaws.  A few of them are short stories, and the others are full length western books.  Everything about the process of working with J. C. Hulsey and Outlaws was handled in a professional manner, and I had a great time reading these books. I have always been encouraged in my work for them and expect nothing but continued success from this up-and-coming book publisher.


David Kresser

I had the privilege to narrate” Storm To The Past “for Outlaws Publishing LLC. The story stretches the imagination from the present to the past and back to the present. I enjoyed working with the characters and the story line. Thanks again for the opportunity!